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#1 private community for business owners & marketers trying to get from $0 to $1M and beyond.

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What's in it for you?

Help will always be given at Masters Academy... To those who ask for it!

1. Get Access to World-Class Marketers & Entrepreneurs

Who you know does matter, whether it is the right founder, the right marketer, the right VC, or even the right lawyer. Knowing the right people saves you a lot of time & money and makes the difference for how far you are going to get.

2. Resolve your #1 Challenge Today

We will help you until you resolve your biggest challenge and then it’s on to the next one. By focusing on the most important problems in business with help and guidance from experienced entrepreneurs you can literally 100x your time to success. The best part is we love solving those challenges because everyone learns from them.

3. Avoid Costly Mistakes

Success leaves clues & people before you have already paved the way. Even if you are in a new industry, most business challenges are the same. Whether it is raising money, getting distribution, managing cash flow, or hiring the right people, our members have already done it.

4. Focus On What Matters

It is easy to get lost in the weeds of your business and divert your attention from the things that really matter. Surround yourself with people who will help you stay laser-focused on the things that will truly grow your business.

5. Thrive In an Environment of Like-Minded People

Being an entrepreneur, you have so much passion and drive but not everyone shares that passion. Often to channel your best entrepreneur, you need to be surrounded by like-minded people who will bring out the best in you.

How The Guild Drives Growth...

Mentorship By The Top 1% - You get to ask some of the best Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Developers & Designers in the world anything you need.
Guest Speakers - Live sessions with world class entrepreneurs every month.
Networking Events - Live sessions with world class entrepreneurs Every Month.
Personal Development - You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with. Make some quality friends.
Community Manager - Vicky, our community manager will meet and greet you, she will show you around and she will put you in touch with whoever you need to move the needle forward.
Access Experts From All Fields - Entrepreneurs, Investors, Marketers, Strategists, Analysts, Developers, Designers, Salespeople, Lawyers, Accountants etc.
Ask Us Anything - Weekly Q&A Live Sessions with top 1% experts from each field of marketing and business.
Networking - Join a community of real leaders, hustlers, marketers, go getters and doers. Expand your connections, find partners, investors, mentors, clients or peers to exchange ideas with. 
Mastermind Groups - As soon as you join you will be Assigned a mastermind with other members with similar interests.
Looking For People - Need a Designer? Developers? A Lawyer? Somebody to hire? Need to get a job done? We got you!
Exploding Topics - Hear about trends before they hit the mainstream. Be among the first to know what is going on in the world.
Free Consulting - A consultation with top 1% experts costs at least $2500/hour. But for guild members it is free because all other members can benefit from it and it is massive value for everyone.
Up to 1000X cheaper than hiring a consulting company.
Bonus: Access All Live Session Recordings - Many important questions have already been discussed and recorded. You get access to all recordings for free.
Job Board / Career Opportunities - Land your Dream job by being active in the community and get noticed by the top Gs
Private Contact Lists - PR & Media, Entrepreneurs by Niche, Agencies, Marketers, Tools, Companies, Local Fixers.

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"The Masters Guild is a community that can geometrically accelerate the growth of ANY business."
James Macgregor
Founder of Biteable
“Having access to so many successful founders at my fingertips was a complete game-changer for my business”
Vuyo Grootbroom
Founder of AURA

Our Partners

Notable Guild Members

Entrepreneurs committed to growing their businesses to $10M and beyond!


"I’ve raised over $200 million in funding for my SaaS business"

Eddie Machaalani
Founder of BigCommerce & 4x Tech Founder

"I bootstrapped a business from $0 to $70 million in value in 12 months"

Mitchell Harper
6x Founder & Investor

"My campaigns generated over $570M for clients."

Dimitar Savov
Founder of Startup Masters, Masters Academy & Skillplate inc.

Imagine having access to the experience & knowledge of top 1% Marketers and
9-Figure Entrepreneurs...

What if you could join a community of entrepreneurs all committed to growing their businesses from $0 to $1М and beyond?

What if that group is dedicated to working together, assisting each other and mentoring each other to achieve growth like never before?

What if that community was also moderated and mentored by top 1% marketers and 9-figure entrepreneurs who have excelled way past $10М?

Why our members love the Guild?

"As soon as I get stuck or have any doubts I can Instantly chat with top-tier experts from all fields and move forward."

"I love that I get front-row access to monthly live sessions featuring world-class entrepreneurs, and learn first about industry trends, best practices, and actionable strategies."

"I'm building a worldwide network of industry experts without leaving my home."

"We exchange genius-level feedback and ideas, leading to priceless connections and partnerships."

"We're not all entrepreneurs you know... for me the best thing was I could get help while learning."

"I was fixing TVs, so I needed a new job at 56 years old! Nobody ever helped me so much. Thanks Masters!"

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